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The information and links on this page will provide you information about access to employment resources that will assist you accessing training and employment resources that will enable you to achieve your employment goals. The Employ Florida Marketplace web site can be a valuable tool for you in recruiting highly trained and motivated Veterans in your community. In fact, employers registered in EFM can designate that they are veteran-friendly, making it easier for veterans to find them. The Career Center can be a very cost effective and valuable resource and partner in meeting your employment needs. Click here to register, create a resume or apply for jobs.

Locate a Career Center

Workforce services are delivered through the network of Career Centers located in the 24 Regional Workforce Board areas. The staff in the Career Centers can assist you with numerous employment related programs that include, but are not limited to: transferring your military occupation to civilian occupations based on your skill set; conducting job searches for results; information about employment prospects, employers, and more for your region of the state; building an effect resume; and access to training and education programs; special services for Veterans; and more.

Florida's Career Centers are staffed with a network of professional Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) Specialists and Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVER) staff who are tasked to provide priority workforce services to veteran customers.
Find the Career Center nearest you.

On November 21, 2011, President Obama signed the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) to Hire Heroes Act of 2011 into law which established new programs for seamless transitions of Service members into civilian life, expansion of education and training opportunities for Veterans and provides tax credits for employers who hire Veterans with service-connected disabilities. For additional information go to: http://benefits.va.gov/vow/index.htm

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP)

As part of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011, the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) offers up to 12 months of training assistance to unemployed veterans who meet the following criteria:

  • Are at least 35 but no more than 60 years old
  • Are unemployed on the date of application
  • Received an other than dishonorable discharge
  • Are not eligible for any other VA education benefit program (e.g.: the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Assistance)
  • Are not in receipt of VA compensation due to unemployability
  • Are not enrolled in a federal or state job training program

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and the Department of Labor (DOL) are working together to roll out this new program on July 1, 2012. Applications are now being accepted for the program and information can be found at: http://benefits.va.gov/vow/education.htm

Veterans' Preference in Services: An Overview

Priority of service means the right of eligible veterans and covered persons to take precedence over eligible non-covered persons for the receipt of employment, training, and placement services provided under new or existing qualified job training programs, furthermore; the eligible veterans or covered persons shall receive access to the service or resources earlier in time than the non-covered person. If the service or resource is limited, the veteran or covered persons receives access to the service or resource instead of or before the non-covered person. See your local veterans' representative for more information about this entitlement.

Veterans' Preference in Employment and the State of Florida

Florida law defines requirements for public employers to accord preferences, in appointment, retention, and promotion, to certain veterans and spouses of veterans who are Florida residents. The relevant portions of the law apply to the state and its political subdivisions. Public utilities, state universities, school districts, and special taxing districts are subject to the requirements of Chapter 295. Click here to learn more.

Employ Florida Marketplace

The Employ Florida Marketplace (EFM) is the State of Florida's official jobs website. One of the biggest values to jobseekers is that it combines jobs from thousands of website in one easy job search. EFM job search results include jobs of particular interest to veterans from:


USAJOBS is the official job site for the U.S. Federal Government. It's your one stop source for Federal jobs and employment information.

People First!

People First is the source for those seeking a career in Public Service in Florida State Government.

Creating a Resume and Finding a Civilian Job

The transition from the Military to civilian life and suddenly looking for employment again can be stressful and at times overwhelming. The first step is often to define what type of a civilian job you are seeking and the second is to prepare a resume that will motivate an employer to interview you. The EFM website has resources that will directly assist you. Click here to learn about assessing or mapping your military skills.

Click here for 10 tips to finding a job, including creating a resume (you will need to log to view this page).

Job Fairs

If you are not into websites and prefer to meet the people who represent the companies you are interested in, job fairs might be your answer. But just as you are meeting the employer, they are meeting you. Make sure that you have a prepared resume and are dressed accordingly. You might be asking how is it possible to prepare a resume as discussed earlier in that it is targeted for a specific job when there will be so many employers with so many different job opportunities. The answer is preparation. Most job fairs will announce ahead of time a list of the employers and the positions they have open. By tweaking each resume to fit the jobs you are interested in you will be able to present yourselves in a positive light as being someone who is not only interested, prepared but a self-starter.

For information about local job fairs check local papers, contact your local Career Center or visit the job fairs link on www.floridajobs.org.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Apprenticeships connect job seekers looking to learn new skills with employers looking for qualified workers, resulting in a workforce with industry-driven training and employers with a competitive edge. Registered Apprenticeship programs are customizable to match employers' needs, and highly flexible to always to meet employers' changing requirements. To learn more about establishing an apprenticeship program in your area, contact your local Career Center.

Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA, 38 U.S.C. §§ 4301 - 4335) is a federal law intended to ensure that persons who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, Reserves, National Guard or other "uniformed services:" (1) are not disadvantaged in their civilian careers because of their service; (2) are promptly reemployed in their civilian jobs upon their return from duty; and (3) are not discriminated against in employment based on past, present, or future military service. Click here to learn more.

USERRA Information and Complaint Process

If you believe your USERRA rights may have been violated, or you are an employer seeking compliance assistance, you may consider the following options:

  1. Seeking assistance from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR; www.esgr.org; 1-800-336-4590):

    ESGR is a U.S. Department of Defense entity established in 1972 "to promote cooperation and understanding between Reserve component members and their civilian employers and to assist in the resolution of conflicts arising from an employee's military commitment. It operates through a network of thousands of volunteers throughout the nation and Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands" (from: http://esgr.org/about.asp).

    ESGR assists in answering USERRA questions from employees and employers and attempts to informally resolve disputes.
  2. Filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans Employment & Training Service (DOL-VETS) (http://www.dol.gov/vets/; 1-866-487-2365):

    Information about USERRA, including an interactive guided program called the "USERRA elaws Advisor," is available at:

    The contact information for your local DOL-VETS office is available at:

    The DOL-VETS USERRA complaint form, VETS-1010, and instructions for completing and submitting it, are available at:

    If you choose to file a USERRA complaint, DOL-VETS will investigate and attempt to resolve it; if its efforts at resolution are unsuccessful, you may have the option of seeking representation from either OSC (if the complaint involves a federal executive agency, with certain limited exceptions) or the U.S. Department of Justice (if the complaint involves a state, local, or private employer).

Need assistance? Email your questions or call our Help Desk toll-free at 1-800-438-4128.